Friday, October 31, 2008

bits and pieces....

...from the past two weeks. I seem to have fallen in love with lists. but i don't think i'm going about it in the right way....

-im done with school! 
-but no one else seems to be
-so im left to my devices
-which is DEFINITELY not a good thing
-I got a postcard from Courtney 
-she's in spain
-i took several yearbook pictures 
-from three different decades.
-i used these as my profile pics 
-i drank way way way to much juice. 
-i liked it
-my housemate bought 4 puppies
-i've been educating them in the ways of the world 
-this is a problem because i have a 5 second attention span
-so do they 
-i voted. 
-my moms birthday was on wednesday! 
-i love my mom. 
-speaking of love
-i've recently discovered the joys of trance, techno, and house music
-i enjoy blasting these at various hours of the day. 
-i love the Dutch
-and the Finnish 
-and most everyone else as well 
-i'm almost home
-thats weird 
-i might or might not have a sunburn 
-i cant tell 
-but it feels like it
-and it hurts. 
-i attempted to construct a schedule for next semester
-went for a bike ride instead 
-not my fault
-it was a nice day
-wrote a poem
-puppy ate it 
-i fell up some stairs
-because im graceful. 
-ate an entire jar of nutella. 
-it was delicious. 
-took alot of strange pictures. 
-i liked those too. 
-woke up at six am
-immediatly fell back to sleep.
-four hours later. 
-danced my little heart out
-every night.
-talked to my advisors. 
-very very fun people :) 
-dressed up in 80s clothes
-rocked out in the living room
-been very very constructive 
-in that i've readjusted my room no lesss than five times now. 

i think that pretty much covers the important things. post some pictures soon! 

as always 

peace. love. grace

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