Monday, August 4, 2008

lions, tigers and bears...oh my.

things that i am just now beginning to realize were very VERY wonderful to have in my life...

-central heating, i repeat, CENTRAL HEATING
-consistent electricity
-an endless supply of burritos.

now i know you're all probably thinking "now Lynn/Jayden/Stranger it cant be that bad...". You are right. It isn't. It's not bad at all! This is just a moment of anxiety, a little panic attack that I have currently decided to have in the library. Speaking of panic attacks, the roommates and I decided to engage in a little "politics talk" seeing as how the election is coming up and all. let me tell you, with one german and three american poly-sci majors, you do not talk. You have intellectual warfare. Tables were drawn, theories were discussed, missiles were fired. I am here to tell you i survived and never before in my life have i been more aware, or unaware i should confess, of how much i do not know about american/international politics. Needless to say, i left that "discussion" with a fair share of battle wounds.

The Kayamundi basketball team held a brie (barbeque) at our house on sunday as well. A few classmates of mine volunteer/coach the team four days a week at Kayamundi High and these boys are amazing. They are talented, well spoken, friendly and all in all your typical 14-17 year old teenage boys. It was a great afternoon of food, music and soccer.(its international) The boys are full of life, we had everything from a dance off to a rap throw down. Definitely a plus side of the weekend.

Where there's an up, theres a down. My program got us all tickets for the famous Stellenbosch wine festival last friday. Being the environmentally conscious people that we are, we decided early on to take the short twenty minute walk to the location of the festival. Well weather here is really quite funny and so predicatablly everything that could go wrong...did. The heavens opened up and buckets (yes buckets) of water proceeded to escort us all the way to the festival. And because mother nature couldn't just let one of her kids have all the fun our good friends, 40 mph hurricane winds decided to join our fun little caravan. The Nile river appeared halfway through our exodus and we forged it (quite brilliantly i must add, onto the promised land. We arrived thirty five (not twenty) minutes later slightly hysterical, mildly delusional but mostly alive for an evening of food, wine and entertainment.

On that note...i have class in about fifteen minutes. I enjoy more than anything your calls, your texts, and general ramblings in my direction. thank you. as always...

peace. love, grace

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Katrina Brown said...

OMG I miss you so much...need to talk asap! Just had to time to skim and look at PICS!! I love it and I love you