Saturday, July 12, 2008

digiital dilema

friends and family.

welcome to day two of chaos, insomnia, narcalepsy, ridiculous prices, gorgeous buildings and crummy weather.

i give you london.

i'm having a bit of a delay keeping everyone posted because the hotel is charging £5 ($10) for one hour of internet service which is £4 too much. so i've just discovered this cafe on our lunch break which does charge £1 but alas i dont have my computer...but do not fear. i'm planning to return in a few hours once i can remember how to get back to the hotel and find a way closer. right now im wandering somewhere in south london which is beautiful. im going to hope on the tube (haha oh the brits) back to the hotel once i figure out the connections and hurray we might have actual material for you all to look out.

all in all i have nothing to complain about. i havent gotten lost or mugged. i've been on quite a few adventures already and the blessings keep coming. thinking of all of you. love love you

:-) off i go on the tube.

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Patricia said...

Lynn!!! Miss u n LOVE u girl! So glad that u having a blast already!!! :-*