Thursday, June 19, 2008

no cuts or do overs.

i'd rather not deal with my life right now. so instead i spent time at the beach with bobby after our little hospital visit. he's really good about helping me forget about things. i've decided that i miss elementry school. probley not enough to actually go back. but enough where i could say no babies or pockets or hardies. midnight madness but no babysitting. no tagbacks or indian givers. or maybe hide n seek because you knew everyone always had to come back to safe.

everythings a bit messy right now. and i'm anything but peaceful. waiting is so hard.

forcast: cloudy with a chance of storms.

1 comment:

MLEmary said...

messy is good... it gives us a chance to clean up.
our forecast: BRIGHT! BEAUTIFUL! WE ARE ALL CONNECTED! What is you, is us.